Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How to make a chain loop cowl!


   So I've been seeing these chain cowls around the internet, their so great, and so versatile! You can wear them as an extra warm and soft necklace, or a long scarf, or you can double them up around your neck and wear them as a soft, cozy cowl. Well I decided to make my own little version of them for my Etsy shop. But I thought I'd also share how I like to make mine with you crafty folks out there who will take the time to make your own. If you're feeling lazy you can buy one from me, or contact me for a custom one at my Etsy Shop. They make perfect gifts! 


~ Bulky yarn, I used Loops and Threads Cozy Wool, you can buy it at Michael's craft store. Or Lion Brand's Wool Ease Thick and Quick is another great option. Any bulky yarn will do. One skein is sufficient.

~ A size 9, or 10 mm crochet hook.


This cowl is comprised of about 10-12 chains, and then they are bundled together and wrapped tightly. I like to make the chains vary slightly in length so it will cascade down. But you can always use your own imagination!

Make a chain that is about 126 chains long, and join the two ends so that the chain is not twisted. Then chain one, and cut your yarn with a tail a few inches long. After cutting the yarn, pull the loop through so that it is tight in a knot. Then tie both ends together in a double knot, and snip the excess yarn off. 

Repeat this same procedure 10-12 times making each two strands one chain longer. 

strands 1&2 = 126 chains
strands 3&4 = 127 chains
strands 5&6 = 128 chains
strands 7&8 = 129 chains
strands 9&10 = 130 chains
strands 11&12 = 131 chains

Then bundle all the strands together, and with some extra yarn, wrap it around and around all the knots tightly until they are all hidden, and it looks uniform. Note: (you will need quite a long strand of yarn for the wrapping.) Then tuck the tails from the yarn wrapping in either side very tightly. Try to get them in the middle of the bundle so they will not work their way out.

Enjoy your new cowl scarf! Make them in many colors, and make them for friends!!! 

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  1. I made mine with almost baby yarn and I think it is just wonderful, thanks for the pattern I really adore it ^_^