Sunday, September 30, 2012

Crochet Textured Coffee Mug Cozy Pattern - Free

Worsted weight yarn, preferably something easily washable
Size 5mm crochet hook
Button of your choice

Stitches used:
Ch- chain
SlSt- slip stitch
SC- single crochet
DC- double crochet

Row 1- Ch 4, and SlSt into beginning chain to create a loop. Ch 2, (counts as a DC), and then make 11 DC in the loop, join to the top of the CH 2. (12 DC total)
Row 2- Ch 2, make a DC in same stitch as the CH 2 just made, then make 2 DC in each stitch around, join to top of chain 2.
Row 3- Ch 2, make a DC in the same stitch as the CH 2 just made, then (1 DC in the next chain, 2 DC in the next), repeat the parenthesis all the way around, join.
Row 4- Ch 1, make 1 SC in front loops only in each stitch all the way around, join.
Row 5- Ch 1, (make 1 SC and 1 DC both in the same next stitch, skip next stitch), repeat parenthesis all the way around until 4 or 5 stitches are left unworked. 1 SC in the next stitch. Chain 1, TURN.
Row 6-  Make 1 SC, and 1 DC in the stitch above the DC from the previous row. Repeat all the way around until 1 stitch is left undone. Make 1 SC in that last stitch. Chain 1, TURN.
Repeat row 6 until the mug cozy is the desired height of your cup.
When finished with last row, Chain about 20, and then slip stitch into the beginning stitch of the chain to create a loop.
Chain 1 to close, cut yarn leaving a tail to weave in, and pull tight the excess yarn through the chain 1 just made, then weave in. (That is my process for finishing off ends, however, you may do so however you wish.)
Sew a button to the cozy on the opposite side of the loop for closure.
Enjoy your new cozy daily! Give as gifts for the Holidays! 


  1. Hi there! I used your pattern as a basis for my cosy. Here is my blog, I linked back to you. :)

  2. I love this pattern so much! I'm making it right now! Your instructions are so easy to follow for such an intricate looking cozy! :) I pinned this earlier today and will repin it to my board of repins for things that I have tried and loved!

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  4. Love the pattern! Used it as the basis for teacher gifts ... just added an apple applique and crocheted red button. :-) Thank you!

    Here's out it came out:

  5. Muito lindas!
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  6. I just love your pattern, I've used it quite a few times make these cozies for myself and as gifts! I am teaching a beginner class this coming Monday and Wednesday, and have posted it for them to make! This is my link...
    Thanks again! I know they're going to love it!